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Pittsford Pines – New Tenant Move-In Valuable Information 


  1. Your key fob will get you into your main unit door.  Simply hold the key fob up near the top of your lock, wait for a green light, and then turn the knob to unlock the deadbolt.  When you leave, you must hold the fob up to the lock again and then lock the deadbolt by hand.  The bolt will remain loose and flimsy until your key fob is recognized.  

  2. Your key fob will also get you into the main entrance doors to the lobby, the elevators from the garage, the patio lobby entrance, and various other doors that have a black key fob sensor.  Just hold the key fob up to the sensor, wait a moment, and then open the door. 

  3. The parking garage is open and ready for use!  Please take caution when driving and parking within the garage.  It is a very tight parking area that takes some getting used to.

  4. You will receive an RFID Chip white sticker to place on your windshield that will automatically open the garage door when you drive up to it.  The door will automatically close behind you within 30 seconds.  When you exit the garage, the exiting garage door will automatically open once you pull up to the garage door.  If you do not want to put the sticker on your windshield, you can also keep it loose in your glove box and just pull it out whenever you wish to enter the garage. 

  5. You may install a TV wall mount, however you must first get permission from the leasing office.  Be careful not to hit any electric or water pipes, as you will be responsible for any damage to your unit or any other units it may affect.  Never drill holes near or in line with a fire sprinkler head.   Never drill holes on the same wall as a sprinkler head without receiving prior written permission.

  6. Your Greenlight 500mb internet is already activated!  You can simply plug in your wireless router directly into the living room ethernet wall port.  If you wish to hide your wireless router up in your entrance coatroom closet you may do so by opening the small Greenlight modem box by sliding the lower cover down off the modem.  Remove the blue cable from the modem box, then connect your wireless router to the modem box.  If you need a patch cable, one will be provided for you in the leasing office for free.  You can then connect all the blue cables to your router to activate all your room's ethernet wall ports and program your own personal WiFi password.  (please speak to a leasing agent with any questions)

  7. Every floor includes a trash chute access room (to the left of units 202, 302, 402, and 502).  Please be mindful of what you throw away.  To open the trash chute door, simply push the red button first, then open the door. Once the red light goes on, you are safe to dump your trash.  Please be careful not to place large items into the chute that could clog the chute.  Liquid items such as milk, paint, oil, etc. should be disposes of properly by hand into the appropriate dumpsters at the garage level.  A cardboard dumpster will be available outside the garage for larger items.  Please break down all cardboard flat before putting into any garages. 

  8. The continental breakfast area will be open and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please be mindful of others and maintain a clean area by wiping any spills and throwing out any garbage you may have when enjoying the breakfast area. 

  9. Your mailbox will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you receive a large package, it will be placed in one of the lower mailboxes labeled “P” for packages.  If you receive a “P” key in your mailbox, please use it to open the appropriate “P” box and remove your item.  Once you insert the “P” key, it will automatically remain in the package box keyhole. 

  10. Allowing visitors in the front door:  Your name will be added to the front door directory.  When a guest picks your name on the intercom system, your cell phone will be called and you will be able to speak live with whomever is at the front door.  If you wish to let them in, simply press the number “9” on your phone and the door will unlock for 6 seconds.  Please add the phone number (585) 450-3717 under the name “Bellagio Intercom” to your cell phone contact list so that you can recognize and answer the call when it rings for you. 

  11. To reach the leasing office, please call (585) 450-6779.

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